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Paradox jewelry & accessories are now available on my website Looking-Glass Studio! Please stop in to check out my new creations and finds! Our site offers vintage & costume jewelry, handmade & reconstructed creations, and new items. We have necklaces, earrings, brooches, watches, and so much more! We have styles ranging from elegant to funky! Everyhandmade piece is one-of-a-kind and most have been created with vintage elements. Add some unique accessories to your wardrobe today!


This week’s *Featured Designer* is:

Jennifer Rydin




Penelope Pear Vaseline Glass Necklace


Jennifer Rydin is from Oregon and describes herself as “a wife and mother and a serious jewelry artisan. When my five year old is at kindergarten, I’m at home making my designs and devoting my time to my Etsy shop… I adore all things artistic – I’ve been “creating” for as long as I can remember… I absolutely love using my own hands to create something beautiful that will help someone feel even more beautiful than they already are. Jewelry is the icing on the cake, the extra sparkle that completes the look, whether it be casual, elegant or whimsical…”

Her unique jewelry is inspired by “The beauty of nature. I have a passion for beautiful things… I’m a very visual person and I love shapes, textures and colors… I have to create things with my hands, I’m always creating art of some kind – it feeds my soul.”

Beautiful Earth Earrings

Beautiful Earth Earrings


Jennifer’s favorite materials to work with include sterling silver, stone, glass, pearls, and vintage Lucite. She is a self taught designer, and says, “I have always loved to learn by watching others – then I just dive in and try it for myself!”

Jennifer has many other interests and hobbies besides jewelry makeing. “I’m married to a wonderful guy who is my biggest fan. We have a little boy who is in kindergarten, so as you can guess, being a Mom is my favorite job! My husband and I love roasting (and drinking) coffee (we have the best smelling garage on the block!), going to the movies, listening to Jazz and Classical music and spending time with friends and family.”

Lavender Candy Jade Dangles


On why you should check out her shop, Jennifer says, “I really feel that my designs are unique yet timeless. I love, love, love making jewelry – it is such a passion of mine – I just hope it can bring a little joy and happiness to someone else!”

So stop by Jennifer Rydin’s shop on Etsy for more of her unique creations to adorn yourself with! Prices in Jennifer’s shop currently range from $49.00 to $10.00, so there is something for every budget!

If you would like to conact Jennifer Rydin regarding her work you can email her at:


My first ever “Designer of the Week” blog spot!

This week’s featured designer is:

Sharleen of Dragonfly Gems


“129 Jade Passion”


Sharleen is a fellow designer, currently residing in Connecticut, who creates one-of-a-kind jewelry. She has been “making jewelry for a couple of years now and selling it to a local jewelry shop. She found Etsy and decided to branch out.” She says, “I love to work with Sterling Silver so you will find that all my jewelry is made with it.”

Sharleen’s favorite materials to use are silver and semi-precious stones. The inspiration for her creations comes from her “gemstones & beads, a desire to be different and her huband’s loving support.”

This amazing jewelry artist gained her training from “a Jewelry & Metalsmithing class in high school and has self taught the rest from there”! She also has gained knowledge from pointers by other artisans. 

“Black Beauty”


Sharleen describes herself as “a 36 year old mom, married to a wonderful man with a few kids and cats. She loves nature, animals and square houses- hoping to own one some day.” Sharleen works part time as a Bookkeeper, and her favorite hobby is photography.  She “loves to take pictures of everything from bugs to trees to people to beautiful sunsets.”

When asked why people should check out her shop, Sharleen responded, “I make each piece with the best materials I can find. Most of my items are one of a kind. I try to make unique and interesting pieces. Something that someone will feel happy to have on and want to brag about it and where they got it.” Makes me want to go shop right now!

“Paris Sky”


Sharleen offers jewelry for any budget, currently ranging from $7.00 to $210.00. Her work truly is one-of-a-kind. I am sure you will be impressed!

Be sure to check out this “gem” of a shop!

 If you would like to contact Sharleen regarding her work you can email her at:


You’ve gotta love adding some kitsch to your life once in awhile. I am normally fairly straight-laced when it comes to my wardrobe or home decorating…but every once in awhile, I enjoy spicing things up a a bit.

After I got married, I realized I’d have to do this more than I would have liked. My  husband moved in his 5 or so items amongst my thousands…including a black wire tree growing out a rock, a vintage white and red tin “Shaftway” sign, and an old tan wooden radio probably from the 70’s. Now, don’t get me wrong…I am all for “mixing it up” and combining unique findings…these, however, were more of a challenge! Yet somehow…over the last 6 months of our marriage (yes, we are newlyweds!) I have become quite fond of his collection mixed in with mine…it really makes it “our” home…and I have found I like the challenge of making his “kitschy” stuff look so good with mine.

 So…what exactly is kitsch? Well dictionary.com defines it as, ” something of tawdry design, appearance, or content created to appeal to popular or undiscriminating taste; works of art and other objects (such as furniture) that are meant to look costly but actually are in poor taste.” …so many variations exist out there as to what it “really” is…and here I have used the term rather loosely, more to mean “kooky” or “odd”…


Today I created two pairs of what I would consider to be “Kitschy” earrings…”Falling Dominoes” and “You’re Number 1.” Both were made with vintage game pieces including dominoes and game tokens…as well as vintage beads, new ear wires, jump rings, and wire. Both are currently available in my Etsy shop for $8.50 (Falling Dominoes) and $6.50 (You’re Number 1). Check them out there for more pics! If you have any thoughts on kitsch or have some kitschy items yourself let me know!~alice w.

My name is Alice W. and I am an artist and designer currently residing in Rochester, NY. I will be using this blog as a way to share my designs with the world, as well as feature other designers that I love! You can find my current merchandise on Etsy.com. Feel free to contact me for customized orders as well!